Lot 14: Willian Antonio Jadan Sarango

His father and grandfather were coffee growers, Willian is the third generation that continues with the cultivation, this tradition and the desire to undertake, led him to reactivate the farm and resume the coffee plantations and the care he needs to obtain high quality coffee.

In 2019 in the contest "The Best of Loja" he obtained the sixth place

Lot Description

Reference Number:14
Opening Bid:$4.00/lb
重量:185.18 lbs
Varietal:Blend: Catucai - Typica
加工方式:Natural Processing
Harvest:June to September

Coffee details


Select the coffee beans in cherry, then go through the bollado to discard the grains with low density, the cherries are drained until they dry, finally it is placed in a canopy for drying at a minimum temperature of 20 degrees and maximum 40 degrees


Almond, cocoa nibs, coffee cherry, chili, prune, peach, floral, strawberry, ripe fruit, dried fruit, tropical fruit, guava, red apple, passion fruit, honey, raisin, watermelon, rose tea, tree tomato, tropical fruit

Farm details

Producer Name: Willian Antonio Jadan Sarango
Farm Name: Viviates II
Region: Sozoranga
Town: Sozoranga
Farm Size: 10.0 ha
Farm Location: 9510561.0, 637499.0
Farm Elevation: 1691

Producer Story:

The farm has been part of the Jadan family for 100 years, his grandfather grew coffee just like his father. At present, the Catucai and Typica varieties are cultivated in the traditional system of the Lojana garden.


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