Lot 3: Servio Lenin Gonzalez Jimenez

Together with his family he grew up next to coffee cultivation, for many years the highest proportion of family income was thanks to coffee. There is a very strong sentimental bond for this crop that has now become his passion.

In 2018 he obtained second place in the national Golden Cup event, and in 2019 in the event "Lo Mejor de Loja" he was in fifth place. Demonstrating in these events the high quality of the coffee it produces.

Lot Description

Reference Number:3
Opening Bid:$8.00/lb
重量:305 lbs
加工方式:Honey Processing
Harvest:May to July

Coffee details


48-hour anaerobic fermentation process, pulped and then dried in its own honey and semi-shadow drying process.


Blueberry, banana, caramel, orange peel, lemon verbena, fruit compote, peach, floral, coffee flower, strawberry, red berries, lemon verbena, jasmine, lemongrass, lemon, apple, honey, blackberry, scented, sweet pineapples, Tea Rose , Toffy

Farm details

Producer Name: Servio Lenin Gonzalez Jimenez
Farm Name: Clara Luz
Region: Quilanga
Town: Las Aradas
Farm Size: 10.0 ha
Farm Location: 9517165.0, 677615.0
Farm Elevation: 1753

Producer Story:

It is a farm that was planted more than 70 years ago with ancestral Arabigo coffee. 5 years ago it was renewed with new varieties such as Sidra and Geisha, it has native flora of the dry forest of southern Ecuador.


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