Lot 11: Gonzalo Heladio Chamba

He grew coffee with great care but he did not know that the coffee he produced was of high quality, until he heard about an association of coffee growers that buys coffee and decided to take a sample, they did the quality analysis and immediately they asked him for his coffee and congratulated him on the quality.

He has participated in the 2 editions 2018 and 2019 of "Lo Mejor de Loja" and his coffee was among the top ten, this motivates him to continue producing high quality coffees.

Lot Description

Reference Number:11
Opening Bid:$5.00/lb
重量:187.56 lbs
Varietal:Blend: Caturra - Colombia 6 - Bourbom - Typica
加工方式:Washed Processing
Harvest:July to October

Coffee details


Harvest of fully ripe beans, fermented for 30 hours and dried under shade in canopies for 25 days

Arequipe, caramel, chesee cake, chocolate, plum, cream, spicy, floral, coffee flower, red berries, lemon verbena, fig, Lactic, Lemon & Lime, butter, passion fruit, blackberry, naranjilla, panela, raisin, perfume, sweet pepper, toffy, grapefruit

Farm details

Producer Name: Gonzalo Heladio Chamba
Farm Name: Señor de Guadalupe
Region: Gonzanamá
Town: Nambacola
Farm Size: 6.0 ha
Farm Location: 9543715.0, 670951.0
Farm Elevation: 2054

Producer Story:

Together with his father he has cultivated the land all his life. The farm has a cool and dry climate ideal for the production of high quality coffee. Coffee allows you to grow a crop associated with bananas, citrus and other forest species that serve as shade for coffee.


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