Lot 15: Wilmer Enrique Granda Ochoa

About the lot

His father in 1980 was a commercial coffee farmer, there his interest in coffee growing arose, and for 5 years he has become his passion growing specialty coffees.

무게:324 lbs
Varietal:Blend: Bourbon - Castilla - Caturra
Process:Washed Processing
Harvest Date:July to August

Coffee and cupping details


Washing Processing
It selects the pure water that comes from the slope of a mountain, harvests the ripe cherry coffee, measures the Brix degrees, goes to the pulping process manually, and then to the anaerobic fermentation tanks for 90 hours, the drying is in canopies.


Brown sugar, chocolate akers, black cherry, plum, plum black, dulce de leche, floral, orange leaf, kiwi, agardable liqueur, lemon lime, mango, passion fruit, naranjilla, panela, scented, sweet bread pastry, grape, vanilla

Farm details


For 10 years they have owned the farm, which at the beginning did not have any coffee plantation, when they identified the ideal climatic conditions to grow coffee, they decided to plant coffee plants for local trade. But 5 years ago they planted new plants focused on marketing a specialty coffee, the fertilizers for these plants are made by themselves, they consider it organic since it does not contain any chemical substance.

Producer: Wilmer Enrique Granda Ochoa
Farm: Jesús del Gran Poder
District: Puyango
Village: Alamor
Farm Location: 9557249.0, 613416.0
Farm Size: 14.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 1523

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