Lot 13: Segundo Alfredo Gonza Gonza

About the lot

Because of its quality, Loja coffee is very famous in Ecuador and little by little it is becoming known in the international market, this motivated the Gonza - Gonza family to resume coffee cultivation.

무게:216 lbs
Process:Washed Processing
Harvest Date:June to August

Coffee and cupping details


Selective harvest of coffee beans, 48 ​​hour fermentation, slow drying and in the shade


Brown sugar, chocolate bittersweet, orange peel, chocolate, apple cider, cream, sweet spices, floral, strawberry, nuts, cane juice, condensed milk, green apple, molasses, honey, blueberry, grapefruit, vanilla

Farm details


He acquired the farm 15 years ago, and since 2006, with the motivation of the whole family, he decided to start growing coffee, with small lots of the Typica Mejorada, Caturra and Colombia 6 varieties. In 2016, he emphasized working with the Catucaí Rojo variety obtaining excellent quality results.

Producer: Segundo Alfredo Gonza Gonza
Farm: Santa Lucia
District: Sozoranga
Village: Sozoranga
Farm Location: 9510560.0, 637999.0
Farm Size: 5.0 ha
Farm Elevation: 1691

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