Lot 2A: Manuel Ignacio Sandoval Ulloa

About the lot

In the area where he lives, beans, corn and other short-cycle crops typical of the Andean region are traditionally grown. He worked on a farm near his house where they grew coffee and was curious to do the cultivation on their land, for 5 years he started planting coffee.

In 2019, his neighbor in the sector "La Papaya" Abel Salinas was in 1st place in "Lo Mejor de Loja" and managed to sell his coffee to foreign customers. Both are members of the Association of Coffee Growers "La Papaya" all the members were motivated by this great triumph and made the decision to produce high quality coffee and make this new origin known to the world


Almond, black beer, cocoa, cane, cinnamon, caramel, peel orange, lemon verbena, creamy, peach, spices, floral, strawberry, lemon verbena, lemon & lime, mango, butter, strawberry jam, panela, fruit tea, grapefruit

무게:167.04 lbs
Varietal:Typica Mejorada
Process:Washed Processing
Harvest Date:January to September

Coffee and cupping details


He harvests ripe beans and puts them to dry in a canopy under the shade

Farm details


Before he has grown corn, beans, wheat and for 5 years, in addition he has cultivated coffee of the varieties Sidra and Typica Mejorada on his farm

Producer: Manuel Ignacio Sandoval Ulloa
Farm: La Finquita
District: Saraguro
Village: San Pablo de Tenta
Farm Location: 9609846.0, 691263.0
Farm Size: 2.25 ha
Farm Elevation: 1966

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