Lot 10: Angel Horacio Reyes Cueva

An agronomist by profession, he comes from a coffee family with a long tradition, his roots are in the upper part of the province of El Oro, where his family grew high altitude coffee known for its aroma and exquisite flavor, the motivation to produce specialty coffee Born from the family coffee tradition, I made the decision to cultivate varieties with high potential in the cup, practicing natural processes that highlight the attributes of coffee, the need to reach specialty markets and thereby achieve differentiated prices, which allow coffee growing a profitable and sustainable activity

Coffee and cupping details


It begins with the collection of fruits in optimum degree of maturity, then they are taken to the postharvest area where they are classified, paying special attention to parameters such as: temperature, pH, aromas and appearance of the fruit, we try to ensure that the fermentation is prolonged (superior 48 hours); Constant evaluations are carried out to avoid over fermentation and a decrease in the quality of our coffee.

Drying is done in canopies, controlling the temperature and air flows, the movement of the coffee is done every two hours at the beginning, and then every 4 hours, reaching 10.5% humidity in approximately 35 days. The coffee is stored in high-density plastic bags and jute bags, finally placed on pallets."


Amaretto, banana, Bback currant, cocoa nibs, cedar, plum, fruit compote, floral, coffee blossom, red berries, currant, cocoa liquor, mango, naranjilla, papaya, perfumed, rum, watermelon, tamarind, grape

Weight: 367.88 lbs
Score: 87.67
Harvest Date: May to July
Varietal: Typica Mejorada + Caturra

Farm details


Está ubicada en el valle de la eterna primavera Malacatos, por su agradable clima durante todo el año, la temporada regular de lluvias va desde enero hasta mayo, luego viene una temporada seca con corrientes de aire que ayudan aun secado lento del café. Los cultivos de café se han combinado con especies frutales lo cual da un paisaje biodiverso, creando el habitad de muchas aves, ardillas y otras especies silvestres. El cultivo de la variedad Typica Mejorada tiene 3 años.

Top Performing Farm: Agroloja
Top Performing Farmer: Angel Horacio Reyes Cueva
Top Performing District: Loja
Top Performing Village: Malacatos
Farm Size: 27.5 ha
Farm Location: 9532156.0, 691871.0
Farm Elevation: 1468
Processing Method: Natural Processing

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