Lot 7: Servio Benancio Pardo Pardo


Since Servio can remember, he remembers that coffee was produced in the area where he lives, this being the main source of income for families in the sector. The memory of his childhood and all the benefits that he has obtained from coffee fill him with pride and motivate him to continue in this noble cultivation.

In the national coffee contest Taza Dorada in 2014 it obtained the fifth place and in 2015 the second place. For 2016 it achieved first place, breaking the scoring record with 90.45 cup quality points, being the first time that Ecuador reached this score according to the scale of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Servio is motivated to continue producing high-quality coffee, to validate traditional knowledge incorporating new techniques and from practice to create new knowledge to obtain high-quality coffee that can be tasted on and off his farm.

重量 :288.36 lbs
スコア :87.92
プロセス:Washed Processing
Harvest Date:June to August


説明 :

Harvest red beans, proceed to boyar them to remove the vain beans, then pulp and ferment for 36 hours. Later it goes through the sieve to eliminate round grains and peel. Finally he washes the coffee and puts it on clotheslines to dry.


Tangerine peel, cherry, cinnamon roll, plum, peach, sweet spices, flowers, strawberry, ripe fruit, red berries, grass luisa, jasmine, butter, passion fruit, blueberry, blackberries wild, yellow pineapple, rose apple, coriander seed, toffy, tutti, uvilla


説明 :

In 1905 Servio's grandfather acquired the farm, who left an inheritance to his father and uncles. When Servio was very young his father passed away and he and his mother cultivated the farm to obtain income. Since then he has grown coffee associated with fruit trees, other crops that complement the family's livelihood.

Producer: Servio Benancio Pardo Pardo
農園: El Chorro
地区: Calvas
村: Chile
Farm Location: 9519484.0, 657755.0
Farm Size: 9.0 ha
農園標高: 1955


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