Lot 1: Manuel Alberto Romero Sanchez


Five years ago, after training on postharvest processes in coffee, given by Dr. Manuel Díaz (a specialist coffee consultant), he began the dream of having a specialty coffee farm. Before, he had been selling roasted and ground coffee in the city of Loja. This was the beginning of their history in the world of specialty coffee.

In the contest "The Best of Loja" in 2018 he obtained first and second place and in 2019 he obtained second place. In the national event Taza Dora in 2019 it was within the top ten and in 2020 it obtained the second and fourth place. Currently he continues to train and investigate how to continue enhancing the intrinsic quality of the coffee varieties he grows.

重量 :135.23 lbs
スコア :90.09
プロセス:Natural Processing
Harvest Date:June to September


説明 :

The harvest is made in optimal ripening of the cherries (22 degrees brix upwards). The fermentation is aerobic, the pH reaches 4 and it dries slowly under shade to 10.5% humidity. Expected to stabilize and stock appropriate bags for coffee like Green pro


Blueberry, lemon peel, lemon verbena, cherry, cream, peach, spices, floral, strawberries, red fruits, tropical fruits, lemon verbena, orange leaf, jasmine, lemon lime, mint, blackberry, naranjilla, nutmeg, coriander seed , rose tea, vanilla


説明 :

5 years ago it was just pasture for cattle. With the planting of coffee, timber and fruit trees, bananas, among others, were also planted, creating a diversified production system. In addition, an irrigation system was installed and electricity was brought to the farm. Currently on the farm there is a diversity of flora and fauna that had been lost with the grasslands. With the nature-friendly practices that it develops in cultivation, the arrival of wild animals typical of the area is now observed, which on the farm find their refuge.
5 varieties are grown: Geisha, Villalobos, Caturra, Catuai and Rubí

Producer: Manuel Alberto Romero Sanchez
農園: Indera
地区: Chaguarpamba
村: Chaguarpamba
Farm Location: 9570487.0, 649623.0
Farm Size: 14.5 ha
農園標高: 1494


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