Lot 12: Luis Antonio Narvaez Ajila

Since he was a child he lived in fica and worked with his parents, hence the love for growing coffee was born. But the current prices of conventional coffee do not cover the costs of producing coffee, so an alternative is to produce specialty coffees for better prices. At the "Lo Mejor de Loja" event in 2018, his coffee was among the top ten and he managed to auction it at a good price. Since then they bet on specialty coffee as a way of life.

Coffee and cupping details


Harvest the fully ripe coffee beans and then dry them in a canopy under the shade "


Caramel, cherry, dark chocolate, prune, fudge milk, peach, floral, raspberry, red berries, wild berries, tropical fruits, vanilla cookie, lime, tangerine, tamarind, grapefruit, vanilla

Weight: 366.53 lbs
Score: 87.25
Harvest Date: June to August
Varietal: Bourbom

Farm details


5 years ago began the change of coffee varieties on the farm, as well as the use of organic fertilizer, implementation of a small irrigation system, post-harvest handling. Having a notable increase in the production and quality of the coffee.

Top Performing Farm: La Fortuna
Top Performing Farmer: Luis Antonio Narvaez Ajila
Top Performing District: Calvas
Top Performing Village: Colaisaca
Farm Size: 10.0 ha
Farm Location: 9524690.0, 642200.0
Farm Elevation: 1941
Processing Method: Natural Processing


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