Lot 8: Holger Maria Jumbo Cueva


Coming from a coffee family, he knows how the fluctuation of conventional coffee prices affects producers. For this reason it has decided to make specialty coffee and offer it to the market, to get a better price as a reward for the effort that coffee growers make daily to provide quality coffee.

In 2017 it obtained the 5th place in the national coffee event Taza Dorada.

重量 :326.16 lbs
スコア :87.84
品種:Híbrido F1 - Nestlé
プロセス:Washed Processing
Harvest Date:May to July


説明 :

Selective harvest of ripe cherries, boyado, 48 hours of fermentation, washing and drying under shade


Amaretto, cinnamon, cocoa, peach in syrup, floral, strawberry, fruity, stone fruit, dried fruit, lemon verbena, jasmine, lemongrass, lemon lime, tangerine, butter, melon, mint, panela, scented, pepper, Sweet & Sugary , rose tea


説明 :

The farm for 50 years belonged to Mr. Juan Vélez, who planted coffee, in 2000 he bought the property that today belongs to the Jumbo-Vélez family, continuing with the same productive activities and the legacy of Mr. Juan. Currently, improved varieties have been introduced, without neglecting production lots with the old varieties of the farm

Producer: Holger Maria Jumbo Cueva
農園: Cango
地区: Calvas
村: Chile
Farm Location: 9521586.0, 659986.0
Farm Size: 25.0 ha
農園標高: 1919


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