Lot 9: Hacienda Santa Gertrudis


For Hernán Eguiguren, coffee has become a family tradition, since he was a child he grew up watching his father sow, then he assumed this challenge by growing commercial coffee, however this was not profitable, currently with his son they have bet on planting specialty coffee what has allowed to obtain differentiated prices at national and international level.

重量 :164.52 lbs
スコア :87.83
品種:Typica Mejorada
プロセス:Honey Processing
Harvest Date:March to November


説明 :

It is harvested taking care that the grains are in optimum maturity, a prolonged fermentation of 60 hours and drying for 15 days was carried out.

Blueberry, cinnamon, orange peel, plum, creamy, peach, spices, nuts, jasmine, cane juice, juicy, lemon & lime, milk delicacy, blackberry jam, honey bee, scented, stone fruit, sweet, toronche, sweet grapefruit


説明 :

His father began to grow commercial coffee in 1954, over the years he wanted to be part of this love for coffee, he planted new varieties in 1980, however commercial coffee commercialization was not profitable. In 2017, coffee production was resumed, this time focused on specialty coffee.

Producer: Luis Hernan Eguiguren Carrion
農園: Hacienda Santa Gertrudis
地区: Loja
村: Malacatos
Farm Location: 9538937.0, 698307.0
Farm Size: 30.0 ha
農園標高: 1676


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