Lot 17: Angelino Abad Flores


His parents worked in agriculture, for this reason since he was a child he lived in the field, that is why he began his university studies in the agricultural area, after having professional experience as a professor and coffee production technician in very important companies nationwide was motivated to be a coffee producer.

He has competed in the national coffee event Taza Dorada, obtaining first place in 2009 and 2014; Later in the contest "The Best of Loja" 2019 was among the 16 best lots of coffee, this has allowed him to continue experimenting with post-harvest methods in order to improve quality

重量 :144 lbs
スコア :87.0
品種:Blend: Caturra - Sarchimor
プロセス:Washed Processing
Harvest Date:June to July


説明 :

Selective harvests, boyado, pre-fermentation 3 days and fermentation 3 days, washing and drying in canopies.


Cinnamon, caramel, prune, citrus, fruit compote wild, creamy, spices, floral, strawberry, ripe fruit, stone fruits, red berries, fig, jasmine, apple, passion fruit, honey, nutmeg, taxo, tutti, uvilla, wine


説明 :

He acquired the farm 17 years ago, he has carried out some fermentation experiments, the latest results are shown in the quality of this batch that is offered to lovers of high quality coffee.

Producer: Angelino Abad Flores
農園: Tanijal
地区: Olmedo
Farm Location: 9566185.0, 651122.0
Farm Size: 1.0 ha
農園標高: 1146


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