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About this Auction

As a result of the work of the 'Provincial Coffee Table of Loja - Ecuador', for two consecutive years (2018 & 2019) the auction of special coffees "The Best of Loja" has been held. This event has become a benchmark to promote quality of coffee produced in the province of Loja. This development of direct trade has provided our producrs with greater opportunities to sell their coffee.

During the 2019 edition, 70 coffee samples from small producers from Loja participated. the best 10 lots were auctioned and buyers from the US, Japan, China, Korea and Australia bought the coffee.

Even as recently as last year, Loja's origin was unknown to buyers. However, after tasting the coffee buyers were shocked by the quality of the coffee. For this year they have returned to buy "Lojano" origin coffee, and we are running this online auction to expand the opportunities for producers to be able to sell their coffee to a wider audience.

The Process for this Auction

Due to the global situation we are experiencing due to Covid-19, the organizing committee of the auction made the decision for this 2020 to carry out the coffee auction electronically. Establishing an agreement with the Sensible Development, who are responsible for providing their specialised services of operating and promoting Specialty Coffee Auctions.

The participation of 51 lots of coffee from producers in the province of Loja is expected. The registered samples will be evaluated in a national cupping round by tasting judges certified by the CQI - Coffee Quality Institute, who will classify the best batches for the international cupping stage, in this phase the samples that achieve a score equal to or greater than 87 points will participate in the electronic auction "The Best of Loja 2020".

The coffee auction will take place on 1st December 2020 @ 10am (London).

The Objective of the Auction

  • Promote and position the quality of coffee from the province of Loja in specialized international markets.
  • Establish links between producers, importers and roasters of specialty coffee, facilitating sustainable commercial relationships.

Expected Results

  • Positioning of the Loja coffee origin in the international market
  • Commercial relationships established between producers and buyers
  • Motivation to producers to improve production and quality processes
  • Contribution to the improvement of the income of coffee families

Judges for this year's auction

The Specialty Coffee Auction Contest # LoMejorDeLoja2020, is carried out with an excellent team of national #QGrader tasters.

Fernando Morocho

Diego Becerra

Jose Luis Equiguren

Richard Granda

Sara Contreras

Meet the Farmers

Support of the Government for this Auction

Today, at the Café Indera facilities, with the presence of the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investments and Fisheries, Prefect, Vice Prefect, Director of Agriculture Loja, President of #SociedadDeHecho # LojanoCaféDeOrigen, the team of Tasters of # LoMejorDeLoja2020.

Organisers Best of Loja Coffee Auction

Mesa Provincial del Café de Loja

It is a technical space for meeting, dialogue, coordination and effective complementation of actions between the actors related to the coffee value chain in order to implement tools, methodologies and work strategies aimed at promoting the development of the coffee sector in the province of Loja.

Principles and Objectives of the Provincial Table of Café de Loja

The main objective of the Roundtable is to articulate knowledge, resources and actions between the different public and private institutions, producer associations, companies and academic entities to achieve the sustainable development of coffee growing for the benefit of the actors themselves.

Specific objectives

  • Promote the articulation of actions, resources and knowledge among the members of the Table to generate processes that stimulate coffee growing in the province of Loja.
  • Generate joint work strategies, articulating functions, taking into account the qualities and strengths of the members, improving the targeting of resources and avoiding duplication of efforts.